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Online Classifieds System

Web Classifieds is a feature-rich, versatile and powerful script, very easy to configure in order to serve for different purposes: general classifieds, auto classifieds, real estate classifieds, boats classifieds, pets classifieds and so on.

Functionality features

  • Mobile templates. People will browse your site easily while being mobile.
  • Location filter. Configure one or more fields that can be chosen and will be remembered as current location. All ads displayed will reflect that chosen location every time you open the browser, until you change it again.
  • Location subdomains. Configure one field to be used as a subdomain every time you select it as a location
  • Completely customize listing posting form. Add unlimited fields of various types including Google Maps, Images, Files and Youtube Videos. You can even create category specific fields. So your listing form for posting Real Estate ads will be different from the form for posting cars ads.
  • Customizable Quick Search and Refine Search forms. Choose the fields that you want to appear in your search forms.
  • Zip / Postcode area search. Allow your visitors to search ads within a radius distance from a given zip / postcode location.
  • Email Alerts. Your visitors can choose to be notified when new listings that match their search are added.
  • Multilanguage. Allow your visitors to switch languages from site frontend.
  • Save favorites ads so you can read them later.


  • User Groups. You have the ability to create different user groups. Each user group can have different registration forms, different ad plans assigned and different settings that apply to users belonging to this group.
  • Completely customize registration form fields.
  • Allow login and registration using Facebook, Google and OpenID accounts.
  • Allow visitors to post ads without an account. Make the process of adding listings easyer for your visitors by allowing them to post without registering. You can use this postings ads model, and at the same time allow posting ads with an user account.
  • Allow subscriptions as a special listing plan type. Subscriptions will allow your users to post a number of ads, or a time period after buying a subscription to your classifieds site.
  • Recurring PayPal payment. Allow subscriptions to be automatically renewed using recurring payments.
  • Bulk Uploads. Import multiple ads by uploading a single file.
  • Internal messaging. Messages between users will be recorded on your site.


  • Coupons. Promote your site offering coupon discounts.
  • Unlimited listings plans. You can shape your listing plans as you want, and you can create plans for specific categories or assign them to some user groups only. Subscription plans are also available.
  • Featured Ads – Paid feature for listings that show in a special section on the first page.
  • Highlighted Ads – Paid feature for listings that show in a different color to be more visible than the other listings.
  • Video Classifieds – Paid feature to allow a Youtube video shown in the ad image gallery.
  • Prioritized Listings – Paid feature to place a listing on top, before all other listings.
  • Dealer Page – Paid feature to allow for an account a special page where user details and all user listings are shown, and allows replacing the header image with user’s own logo.

Content Management

  • RSS feeds. Publish latest ads as RSS feeds. You can create unlimited feeds for different categories.
  • Custom Pages. Add new content to your site easily using a HTML editor.
  • Customize navigation. Add new links to your main navigation bar and to a footer navigation bar. Submenus that show in a drop down menu attached to the navigation bar are supported for the main menu.
  • Banners. Easily add Image, Flash and Code (AdSense like) banners to your site. Very flexible positioning options.

Security Features

  • Login History.
  • IP Blocking.
  • Email Blocking.
  • Forbidden Words. It is possible to filter some words from your listing content.
  • Image Verification for forms.
  • Accounts activation via email.
  • Built in send mail system to prevent email stealing.
  • Pending Approval. You can choose that some listings, accounts or other actions on your site to wait for administrator approval.

Multiple payment gateways support. Payments available:

  • PayPal
  • Fortumo – SMS payment
  • Manual payment. This payment type stands for any non electronic payment.
  • Credits system. Users will be able to buy credits once, and then use them to pay on your site.

Other Features

  • Multiple photos. Number of images is configurable for each listing plan.
  • Multiple photos upload. You can select multiple images and upload them at once!
  • Image automatic operations : Change photos order, Watermark, Limit upload size, Resize photos to a smaller size, Create thumbnails
  • It is possible to enable HTML editor for listings description.
  • Mark listings as Sold or Rented
  • Email notifications when an item expires
  • Renew expired ads.
  • It is possible to automatically delete expired listings.

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Classifieds is a feature-rich, versatile and powerful script, very easy to configure in order to serve for different purposes. No monthly fees, no hidden fees.