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Real Estate Website

Real Estate solution is an optimal solution for starting online business site if you’re a real estate company, a real estate broker, realty agent or a real-estate professional.The product is convenient for all site members, as well for site administrator:

  • Smart interface
  • Professional design
  • Elaborate Administration system which doesn’t require any specific knowledge – almost all site areas can be managed from there

All above mentioned, and much more showed at online demo, can make your online business successful and profitable.Our product is a ready basis for creating a professional real estate web site. If you ever need to change your site by your own needs, you can easily customize it.

Why choose us?

  • Full access to DreamChases Real Estate Solution source code
  • Lifetime licenses
  • Affordable prices
  • FREE 20/6 technical support service
  • FREE installation
  • 12 months of updated source code for FREE
  • All for your site in one place: Hosting (including domains, SSL certificates), Customization, Design, SEO services.


You know that the internet is changing how real estate is bought and sold. You know that you need a solid, effective real estate website, and that you need to be promoting your business and your properties for sale online. You know that there are seemingly a million products and services promising to help you get established online. But what if there was a company that, rather than trying to sell you something, genuinely wanted to help you succeed in real estate?Realty Software gives you a running start, with a website that is very simple to set up but customizable at the same time. Your site will provide you with some of the most advanced web marketing tools available. It combines the benefits of a database-driven template site with the power and flexibility of custom designed web sites. Agents can quickly create a web presence with the elegant look, flexibility, and control of a more expensive and painstakingly built web site.A customer support technician is always available by email, phone, and live chat. You will receive a personal response to your emails and messages. We provide FREE support, FREE installation and consulting. Best of all, you get everything for one low price!


  • Introduction
    Life-time, independent, powerful, multi-lingual, template-driven, open source, highly customizable.
  • Property management
    There is a wide range of ways to show off your members’ properties and increase listings database.
  • Search options
    Extended list of search options includes quick, refine and advanced search forms.
  • Tools
    Weather gadget, mortgage calculator, sms alerts, multiple currencies are in one software solution.
  • Administration
    Fully equipped and yet comprehensive administration panel.
  • Add-ons
    We think about expanding your business opportunities!

Online Services

  • Company Website Design
  • Ecommerce System Design
  • Booking System - Hotel / Car Rental
  • Real Estate Portal Design
  • Others Customize Apps

Business Services

  • SME Loan Consultant
  • SME Grant Consultant
  • Logo Trademark Application
  • Advertisement Services

Marketing Services

  • Online Social Advertisement
  • LCD Advertisement
  • Magazine Advertisement
  • Online Classified Advertisement
  • SEO Marketing

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