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We specialise in SME / SMI Loan & Grants Advisory

We have a group of experienced financial consultants to assist you to establish what funding alternative you are qualified before you apply. We show you the financing sources that are available to you now and how to improve to qualify for more in the future.

Our Services

  • Free Credit Appraisals / Loan eligibility checks;
  • Preparation of “Bankable” proposals;
  • Preparation of cash flow and financial projections;
  • Advice on financial and banking related matters;
  • Negotiate with financial institutions on your behalf;
  • Deal restructuring;
  • Debt restructuring;
  • Any other services thay you may required from time to time

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Fast Approval

CAPITAL has a dedicated team of banking and financial consultants that guaranteed fast approval (subject to eligibility) of any type of loans from all local & foreign financial institutions in Malaysia – avoid the red tape through our quick processing and approval methodology.

All types of Government Financing Schemes and Grants

  • Banking Business Loan Facility
  • Trade Line Facility such as BA, LC, TR, BG and others
  • Overdraft Facilities
  • Fixed Loan/Term Loan
  • Project and Contract Financing
  • Landed Property Loan and Re-financing
  • Machinery Financing and Refinancing
  • Islamic Financing • Microfinancing
  • All Kinds of Grants and Soft Loan from Goverment Agencies
  • Landed property Loan-New and Refinancing

Eligibility Criteria

  • All legal business activities under “Sdn Bhd”, partnership or sole proprietorship that fall within the definition of SMEs (for details, please click here).
  • The company should be Malaysian owned (51% or more)
  • No adverse record with Financial Institutions or listed under Biro Maklumat Cek.
  • A start-up company may apply provided a satisfactory and reasonable cash flow indicating repayment capacity of about 1.5 times.

More information on SME Loan … click here

Credit Guarantee Corporation (CGC)

CGC was established with the objective to assist Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) without or with inadequate collateral to access credit facilities from financial institutions. Participating banks include Malayan Banking Berhad, RHB Bank Berhad, AmBank Berhad, CIMB Bank Berhad, Hong Leong Bank Berhad, Affin Bank Berhad and OCBC.
CGC offers many schemes for Malaysian owned and controlled private limited companies registered under the Companies Act 1965 including franchise, islamic product related businesses, start-up businesses (operation less than a year) and small entrepreneurs. All these schemes are only eligible for companies that fall within the definition of SME.

SME Corp (Previously Smidec)

SME Corp implements, co-ordinates and monitors financial assistance provided to SMEs in the form of Matching Grant (MG) and Soft Loan (SL). MG offers assistance in the form of matching grant where 50% of the approved project cost is borne by the Government and the remainder by the applicant. SL offers assistance to SMEs in modernizing and automating their operations as well as working capital and is applicable to both start-ups and existing companies. SMEs seeking MG or SF must satisfy the following qualifying criteria:

  • Companies incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 OR enterprises incorporated under the Registration of Business Ordinance 1956
  • Fulfill definition of SMEs
  • At least 60% equity held by Malaysian
  • Possess valid business license
More information on Grant … click here

Documents Required for SME LOAN processing

for a Partnership & Sole Proprietor Company:
  • Business card & IC of the person in charge
  • Company Profile / Product Catalog (if available)
  • A copy of the Business Registration. (Form D & Form A)
  • Latest 12 months bank statements.
  • Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account : 2 to 3 years, if available. For company registered less than 2 years, provide 1 year account.
  • Sole Proprietor – to provide all Letter of Offers for company and personal borrowing, including Hire Purchase.
  • Partnership – to provide all Letter of Offers and Hire Purchase for company only.
  • Latest Debtor & Creditor Ageing Reports
  • If the company have any borrowings, provide Letter of Offer, to include also Hire Purchase, if any.
  • Description and amount of properties / machineries / equipments that need financing / refinancing, if any.

for a Sendirian Berhad Company:

  • Business card & ICs of all Directors
  • Company Profile / Product Catalog (if available)
  • M&A, Form 9 (Date of incorporation)
  • Form 24 (paid-up capital)
  • Latest Form 49 (List of Directors)
  • Latest 12 Months Bank Statement
  • Latest 3 Years Auditor’s report (if available)
  • Latest Management Account (i.e. the most recent Profit & Loss & Balance Sheet that you are able to provide now)
  • Latest Debtor & Creditor Ageing Reports
  • If the company have any borrowings, provide Letter of Offer, to include also Hire Purchase, if any.
  • Description and amount of properties / machineries / equipments that need financing / refinancing, if any

Online Services

  • Company Website Design
  • Ecommerce System Design
  • Booking System - Hotel / Car Rental
  • Real Estate Portal Design
  • Others Customize Apps

Business Services

  • SME Loan Consultant
  • SME Grant Consultant
  • Logo Trademark Application
  • Advertisement Services

Marketing Services

  • Online Social Advertisement
  • LCD Advertisement
  • Magazine Advertisement
  • Online Classified Advertisement
  • SEO Marketing

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